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I'll Teach You How To Lucratively Find & Flip
A Discounted Commercial Property 
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💰 I made my first $1M with $67K down! Now I've bought & sold over $1B worth of real estate.
There's $143B+ worth of distressed properties flooding the market. The time to take action is NOW
 🟡 Join the most Exclusive society of Commercial Real Estate Investors!

I'll Teach You How To 
Lucratively Find & Flip 
A Commercial Property 
Within 6 Months Using 
My "Contrarian Method"

💰 I made my first $1M with $67K down! 
Now I've bought & sold over $1B worth of real estate. 

There's $143B+ worth of distressed properties flooding the market. The time to take action is NOW
After every single recession there is a group of investors who come out on top 
while everyone else is struggling...

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Magnus DuBorg
"I come from Wall Street where people don't share their edge, but you spell that out perfectly..."
Magnus DuBorg comes from a Wall Street background and joined Contrarian Academy to diversify his investments. Now, he now owns several commercial properties and recently sold one that Manny reviewed for him.
Suraj Rasania
"I joined with no real estate knowledge whatsoever and found a property within only 1 month..."
Suraj Rasania is an interventional cardiologist by trade, but now he can call himself a successful commercial real estate investor. He joined with ZERO real estate knowledge and found a property within 1 month.
Pedzi Makumbe
"I just bought a 30,000 sqf. building and I couldn't have done it without the program..."
Pedzi Makumbe started his journey in the U.S. as a residential investor, but quickly realized there was more opportunity in the commercial sector. Contrarian Academy helped him purchase a 30k sf. medical office.

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