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On This Complimentary Coaching Session We Will Discuss Current Market Trends & Projections, Where We Are Seeing The Greatest Opportunities, And Develop A Game Plan To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

BONUS: You will receive a free digital copy of Manny Khoshbin's bestselling Contrarian Playbook after attending your Strategy Session!

See What's Included In Our Programs

Real Estate Starter

  • ​Develop the millionaire mindset required to fast track your success
  • ​Create your step-by-step “how to get started” real estate investing roadmap to wealth
  • ​Find & analyze home run value-add properties in any market
  • ​Build and turbocharge your evergreen deal pipeline
  • ​Creative financing to fund any deal (even with zero out of pocket)
  • ​Due diligence process to diminish your risk
  • ​Proven million dollar negotiation tactics
  • ​Step-by-step process to close the deal
  • ​Adding value to maximize cash flow and create a huge pop on the exit
  • ​Discover all methods available to shelter and reduce taxes
  • ​Determine capital growth for massive net worth acceleration or hold assets for lifetime passive income
  • ​​3 secret additional bonuses (limited time)

Commercial Masterclass

Everything included in Real Estate Starter plus...
  • 6 months of exclusive group coaching
  • ​In-person Mastermind event with A-list guest speakers to learn and network
  • ​Weekly Facebook live coaching calls with Manny and other elite real estate coaches
  • All your questions answered by leading real estate experts including Manny
  • Live property review calls of Manny analyzing your’s and other member’s deals once per month
  • ​Outsource a team to scale and passively automate the process
  • ​Over-the-shoulder access of Manny’s exact formula for analyzing properties
  • ​Lifetime access to 10+ hours of training content with Manny teaching all his insider real estate secrets & strategies
  • ​Network with an exclusive community of high-level investors to collaborate and partner on deals
  • ​Recording vault of every live coaching call (140+ hours of content)
  • ​​3 secret additional bonuses (limited time)

Contrarian Academy

Everything included in Commercial Masterclass plus...
  • 6 months of hands-on personalized coaching with Manny Khoshbin
  • ​In-person Contrarian Summit pinnacle event for extraordinary experiences and high-caliber networking (in addition to the Mastermind event)
  • ​Partner with Manny on deals through first right of refusal to exclusive co-investment opportunities for 1 year
  • Inner Circle access to network with world-class elite investors to partner on deals and increase your investment size
  • Five 1-on-1 property evaluations where Manny personally underwrites your deals
  • ​Interactive weekly Zoom coaching calls directly with Manny to answer all your questions
  • ​Accountability coach to support and maximize your results
  • ​Early access to newly released content, tools, resources, and strategies
  • ​3 secret additional bonuses (limited time)

See What Others Have To Say About Us...

“Manny gave us his processes and templates. He didn’t hold anything back, he told us exactly; “this is my process for due diligence,” “this is my process for research,” “this is my process for sourcing properties.” To have the exact things right there, nothing left to chance, just the ability to know what to look for, what to do when you find the thing.”
Nicholas Kusmich | Facebook Ad Agency
“Learning how to evaluate what deals not to purchase. I think that's the biggest mistake most people make in real estate. I’m not a super real estate guru or anything, I’m just getting into it and I wanted to learn a lot. My biggest take away from the last day and a half is how to identify what not to buy, so I can stay away from the real problems.” 
Anthony Morrison | Internet Marketer
“One of the most pivotable things that I could have done is to be here for my investments and future lucrative things I want to do with my husband. Taking that information and then being able to pass it onto my clients and to all of our investors. There’s some really awesome information, like reverse 1031s.”
Avisha Kassir | Real Estate Broker
"I always wanted to get into the real estate game, but I didn’t know what to do. I was totally clueless. Here Manny gave me an exact blueprint, like a checklist, of exactly what to look for in every deal."
Sam Bakhtiar | CEO, Camp Transformation Center
“I always envisioned getting into commercial real estate and never really understood how to do it. There's a lot of variables that come with commercial vs residential and I never really had a blueprint to create a path to succeed. The program has really opened my eyes to a lot more details has helped me develop that blueprint to buy commercial properties. I think a huge benefit of this is not only having direct access to Manny but also the group to share ideas and bounce thoughts off one another.”
Chris Martin | Mortgage Branch Owner
“I decided to commit and make the investment because I wanted to be around other likeminded people. This whole weekend has been amazing and I know I made the right decision, and got my money's worth even before the event through the weekly Zoom calls, accountability, and courses, and I'm very excited for what's next. My biggest takeaway is that I can take all the skills I've learned from residential and put it into commercial. The networking has been priceless and Manny is a genius at his craft. Every question I've asked him, I've always felt like I got the right and wise answer.” 
Alex Saenz | Real Estate Investor
“My biggest takeaway is the return on investment in the commercial side and opposed to the residential side, and the myths of residential as opposed to commercial. A lot of times you don't make a move because of fear and this settled all that.”
Sam Osei | Automotive Industry
 “My biggest takeaway is how you can cost segregate a lot of the depreciation from commercial real estate. Manny is just an overall mastermind.”
Raul Labarca | Real Estate Investor
“The greatest takeaway for me was just knowing a proven system and a formula. It’s not rocket science. Once you have a proven plan and a formula, and you know the right people, its definitely something you can accomplish.”
Michael Najar | Real Estate Agent
"No matter how successful you are, it is best to listen to the experts. Listen to the people who have been very successful in doing what they do, and Manny is the best.”
Iris Lagrimas | Owner, Mortgage Company
"I learned about the great way to build wealth by obtaining patience. I'm very excited to be in the group, to learn more, and I can't wait for the next live call!"
Will Chase
"He broke down exactly what I've been looking to do in 30 minutes. He gave me some great golden nuggets and key take aways as far as commercial real estate. I'm excited to implement that and put it into action!"
Masud Sarwary
“Before this event my expectation was at a lower level, and now it's on the roof. I just don’t see anything as not possible. I can do stuff, I can go for it, grind for it, hustle for it everyday and I can make it happen because this is the result.” 
Behnood Dalaei | Loan Officer
“Everything I expected, more than exceeded. I do have action plans in terms of moving forward, and Manny has provided that. The materials Manny presented, it's no fluff. It’s intimidating and I get it. But if you go in with an open mind, don't be on the fence or you’re wasting time.”
Denise Siu | Real Estate Investor
“This gave me the ability to understand that all of this is possible. A lot of times when you’re growing up you think that accumulating wealth and becoming rich is magic, and then when you see people do it and you see people break down what they’ve done and what works for them, you start to understand that it's possible.”
Ameen Poonja | Restaurant Owner
"My biggest takeaway is the different types of real estates you can get into. There’s some that you can hold, you exit in 2-3 years and make good money. Then there’s other investments that are just turn key, or making cash flow."
Steven Mayer | Consultant & Investor


Another HUGE free gift!
Inside Look At A...

Live Property Review Coaching Call With Manny Khoshbin

Get Over-The-Shoulder Access Of Manny Reviewing Deals And Teaching The Criteria He Looks At For Investment Properties
Another HUGE free gift!
Inside Look At A...

Live Property Review Coaching Call With Manny Khoshbin

Get Over-The-Shoulder Access Of Manny Reviewing Deals And Teaching The Criteria He Looks At For Investment Properties

Your path to a $100M real estate portfolio starts here...

Your path to a $100M real estate portfolio starts here...

We care about your success. After buying and selling close to $1 billion in commercial real estate the past 29 years, Manny Khoshbin has developed his strategies into a step-by-step roadmap that any investor can follow to build a commercial empire, just like following the direction on a GPS.

Schedule your coaching strategy session now to discuss current market trends & projections, where we are seeing the greatest opportunities, and develop a game plan to help you achieve your goals!
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